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Loosen up Those Tight Hips with the Lizard Pose

Hips tight after a long day in the office and/or traffic? Loosen them up before your evening run with the lizard pose, a great movement to work on hip mobility and activate your glutes! Coach Phil guides you through this variation on the runner’s stretch. Philip Levi is an elite level health coach based in […]

What’s Causing My Tight Hips?

Common is not always healthy. It is common for hips to be tight, but here, common isn’t a good thing. Tight hips are something runners deal with frequently — my guess is you are one of them! My other guess is that you stretch them constantly and they are not loosening up. How do I know […]

Add More Power to Your Run With the Couch Stretch

As we’ve mentioned before with the kneeling hip flexor stretch, becoming a more powerful runner involves stretching out your hip flexors, especially if your job has you sitting for long periods of time. Short hip flexors can restrict your range of motion, holding back the efficiency of your stride — the kneeling hip flexor stretch helps, […]

Increase Hip Mobility with a Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Sitting all day at work doesn’t exactly do wonders for your form. Part of the problem? All that sitting shortens up the hip flexors, preventing the muscles in the hips from pushing you forward effectively. If you’ve got chronically tight hips, that might be what’s behind it! And while standing desks are nice, a good, […]