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Coach Honoré Hoedt on Pacing and Form

We recently got a chance to listen in on world-class running coach Honoré Hoedt speaking to the San Francisco-based Impala Racing Team about the importance of proper pacing and form while training for long-distance races. If you push the pace every chance you get during training, you might be surprised to hear about how valuable […]

Coach Greg McMillan Talks 5K Preparation

Coach Greg McMillan has been a voice of running wisdom for everyone from Olympians to your everyday runner looking to get fit and stay fit — so when we get a chance to listen in on one of his talks, we’re always going to jump at the chance! Coach McMillan was once again kind enough to […]

Jeff Moreno of PWR Lab Talks About Making Data Work for Runners

Runners of all levels are using fitness trackers, but it’s difficult to make that data practical and actionable. What’s all that information about cadence, pace, and heart rate really telling you, anyway? PWR Lab in in the business of taking in all that data and unlocking new insights that runners can use to pinpoint where […]

San Francisco’s Impala Racing Team Talks About Qualifying for the Olympic Trials

Held every four years ahead of the Olympics, there are few more prestigious track and field events than the United States Olympic Trials. It’s a collection of the best of the best — only the top performers during the event go on to represent the U.S. in the Olympics, but qualifying for the Trials themselves is […]

Coach Greg McMillan Talks Marathon Nutrition and Hydration Strategies

In the midst of long runs, cross-training, recovery massages, and speed work, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of nutrition and hydration when preparing for a marathon. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to realize its importance once you’ve gone past the starting line on race day — take in something […]