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The Importance of the Warm-up and the Cool-down

Unless we’re in the ranks of the elite runners, we have to weave our running into our daily lives and schedules — not always an easy task. We have these small windows where we can fit in a few miles here or there without any wiggle room, often leaving things like the warm-up and cool-down by […]

Put Your Back into Your Run With Skydivers

Thumbs up for this one! Skydivers will get your back and glute muscles stronger and more ready to keep you stable and strong on the run — and they’ll also change the way you look at three-pound weights! Coach Philip walks you through proper form (watch those shoulders!) to make sure you’re getting the most out […]

Add More Power to Your Run With the Couch Stretch

As we’ve mentioned before with the kneeling hip flexor stretch, becoming a more powerful runner involves stretching out your hip flexors, especially if your job has you sitting for long periods of time. Short hip flexors can restrict your range of motion, holding back the efficiency of your stride — the kneeling hip flexor stretch helps, […]

Increase Hip Mobility with a Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Sitting all day at work doesn’t exactly do wonders for your form. Part of the problem? All that sitting shortens up the hip flexors, preventing the muscles in the hips from pushing you forward effectively. If you’ve got chronically tight hips, that might be what’s behind it! And while standing desks are nice, a good, […]

5 Exercises You Can Use to Treat Achilles Tendinopathy

We now know what Achilles tendinopathy is and how it commonly develops — now let’s do something about it! This week, I’m bringing you my top five exercises for rehabbing Achilles tendinopathy via core strength, hip stability, and load tolerance for the Achilles tendon specifically. As I mentioned in my previous post, Achilles injuries are often a […]

What to Do When Stretching Doesn’t Resolve The Pain

“My hamstrings are tight.” “I was told my piriformis is tight. What is the best way to stretch it?” “As long as I stretch before I run, I am fine.” “I just have to stretch and the pain goes away.” “I have to loosen up for 30 minutes before I run.” “How do I stretch […]

How to Prevent Sitting All Day at Work from Ruining Your Running

It doesn’t take advice from an expert to know that runners strive to achieve their fitness goals in a pain free-way, but knowing how to get runners’ bodies to perform optimally with our fast-paced lifestyles is something I spend a lot of time focusing on. Of course, there are many things that can affect running […]