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10 Easy Snacks for Runners When Traveling

Snacks are essential in order to maintain energy levels, control hunger, and stay fueled. When traveling, snacking is just as important so one doesn’t overeat at meals when dining out by ordering too much food or choosing unhealthy food options because they are starving. In addition, bringing snacks on a trip can be beneficial so […]

The Importance of Daily Healthy Snacks for Runners

Staying fueled is important for runners. A key nutrition strategy is to maintain energy levels, consume a variety of nutrients, and keep one’s metabolism at peak condition to optimize running performance. Snacking is a vital part of this nutrition strategy. Proper snacking can also help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain. Here are […]

The Best Timing of Meals and Snacks for Runners

Timing is everything. When we run, we want to decrease our minute per mile. Every extra second counts. Timing of the meals and snacks are equally important. When and what we eat determines how well we will fuel ourselves for the run and optimize our recovery. Whether you’re a morning runner or an evening runner, […]