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Fitted with Altra: A Chat With Altra Rep Danny DeGirolamo

Haven’t heard of Altra yet? You’re not alone — as one of the youngest running brands in the world, Altra is still in the process of getting the word out about their vision of what a running shoe should be. It might be worth listening to them, too. Altra is taking a radically different approach to […]

What is a Gait Analysis and Why Should Every Runner Get One?

I can’t remember which pair of shoes I bought when I first got into running a few years ago — and that’s a problem! Like a lot of fellow novice runners, I bought something online that looked like a pair of running shoes, threw them on, and hit the pavement. The pavement hit back, and […]

Fitted with Mizuno: A Chat With Mizuno Rep Jeff Camp

No, we’re not at the ocean — when we get a visit from Mizuno, we catch a whole other kind of wave! Mizuno has over 100 years of history in sports, and while they started in baseball, they’ve got this running thing down pretty well, too. That’s thanks to Mizuno’s Wave plate, a little plastic springboard […]

Fitted with On Running: A Chat With On Running Rep Dan Schade

In the past few years, no running shoe brand has made people ask “What are those?” more than On. One of the newest brands in the industry, On Running hit the road in 2010 in Switzerland to prove that there really was room for one more in the running shoe game. And yes, they’re serious — […]

Fitted with Brooks: A Chat With Brooks Rep Wendy Bell

Few shoe brands resonate as much with runners as Brooks. With over 100 years of making shoes behind them, it’s no surprise how often they’ve been at the forefront of shoe tech. Brooks was the first company to use that cushy, comfy EVA foam in running shoes, and it was clearly a good call — today, […]

Fitted with New Balance: A Chat With New Balance Rep Mecque Tucker

What do chicken feet have to do with New Balance? Everything! Monte talked to New Balance rep Mecque Tucker about the brand’s surprising origins over 100 years ago and their Boston roots before getting to the good stuff — how New Balance got into running in the ’60s and never looked back. Today, we know and […]