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The Armoire Assistant: Pep in Your Step Pre-Summer

The Brooks Ravenna 10 is the training shoe you can’t afford to be without! The people spoke and Brooks listened! The newest version of the Ravenna is sleeker and faster looking, all while adding their new adaptive GuideRails stability system. The updated midsole has additional foam under the forefoot, making you feel light and cushioned […]

The Armoire Assistant: Keeping Your Long Run Stride Strong

The Brooks Ravenna 10 is the newest ride fighting fatigue! While the majority of the population is busy fighting colds this season (pleh!), there’s another battle to be won out there on the trails and beyond: the fight against getting injured during your longer runs. Athletic shoe brands are up to the task, introducing new, […]

The Armoire Assistant: With Liberty and Just Kicks for All

The Saucony Liberty ISO was voted Best Debut Shoe of 2018 — for performance and style! We might be months away from the 4th of July, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make every day your own independence day with the Saucony Liberty ISO! With Liberty… Nike Element Running Hoodie (Smokey Mauve) On Comfort Tee […]

The Armoire Assistant: Your 2019 Altra Ego

The ball in Times Square isn’t the only thing dropping ahead of 2019! Ever read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall? McDougall gained a cult following for bringing barefoot running back to the running world in a powerful way. We saw a lot of shoes pop up after the book was published in […]

The Armoire Assistant: Your New Travel Buddy

For the pavement and the plane, the On Cloud hits the spot! Whether you’re on the go solo or heading out with your favorite partner-in-running, don’t leave the On Cloud at home! Featured in our last Armoire Assistant post for women, we wanted to share the glory with the guys — specifically Derek of the […]

The Armoire Assistant: On Cloud 9, Always

Here’s why the On Cloud should be your favorite fashion accessory! Being on the go is a constant in this day and age. When we’re packing up in the wee hours of the AM to tackle our day, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our shoes will be able […]