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10 Easy Snacks for Runners When Traveling

Snacks are essential in order to maintain energy levels, control hunger, and stay fueled. When traveling, snacking is just as important so one doesn’t overeat at meals when dining out by ordering too much food or choosing unhealthy food options because they are starving. In addition, bringing snacks on a trip can be beneficial so […]

Rock Your Recovery!

The act of running is demanding. Every footstrike delivers anywhere from three to seven times your body weight in impact force. Running breaks your body down. The demands of running can dehydrate you, deplete your glycogen stores, create microtears in muscle fiber, and (temporarily) compromise your immune system. While you need to log the miles […]

5 Foods To Fuel Your Runs

Eating the right food pre-workout can optimize your performance, increase your stamina, and assist with recovery. Carbohydrate-rich foods provide your body with glycogen, your primary energy source, to give your body the energy it needs to power through a long run. Here are five examples of simple foods you can use to fuel your runs! […]

Vegetarian Protein Options for Post-Run Recovery

You’ve just completed your run and it’s time for a post-run recovery meal or snack. Protein is important to consume after a run because it helps repair and rebuild the muscles that have suffered microtears during the workout. Including protein sources that have branch chain amino acids is a double bonus. Branch chain amino acids […]

Three Important Nutrients That Should Be In Every Runner’s Diet

Running is taxing on the body. It can increase the depletion of nutrients within the body, which can result in a greater risk of nutrient deficiencies. In order for a runner to maintain optimal performance, the runner’s diet needs to include a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. By making sure a well-balanced intake of […]

How Runners Can Prevent Bonking

You’re mid-run and all of a sudden your legs start to weaken, your body tingles, you get dizzy, and you just can’t run anymore. You’ve just bonked. Bonking is when you have depleted your glycogen stores — your primary energy source — and your body shuts down. It usually occurs during high-intensity efforts over continuous exercise with […]

Whole Foods Fueling Options for Runners

During extended runs (generally 90 minutes or more), runners need additional fueling in order to maintain energy levels, optimize endurance and stamina, and prevent bonking. There are many sources of fueling available, such as whole foods, energy gels, sugars, energy bars, energy chews, powders mixed in liquids, and more. There is no right or wrong […]

Cookbook Review: The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook by Jesse Kropelnicki with Recipes by Shirley Fan, MS, RD

I was thrilled when I received a copy of The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook by Jesse Kropelnicki, with recipes by Shirley Fan, MS, RD. I’m an advocate of learning how to properly train and fuel for long runs — a book that provides a comprehensive plan is a winner. Kropelnicki has a background in coaching triathletes […]

The New Food Nutrition Label with Added Sugars: What It Means

Sugar — is it good or bad for us? So many people are scared of sugar. Many temporary diets eliminate sugar from the diet for a specified amount of time in order for the body to “detox.” But, there are also foods with naturally occurring sugars that are considered healthy. In addition, people need carbohydrates for […]

The Best Nutrition Tips for Runners from Sports Dietitians

March is National Nutrition Month! In order to celebrate our health and fitness through food, I reached out to fellow experts to share their best nutrition tips for runners. Here are the go-to, necessary tips all runners should be practicing in their weekly routines. Integral Training “Integral training is listening to your body to determine […]