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5 Foods To Fuel Your Runs

Eating the right food pre-workout can optimize your performance, increase your stamina, and assist with recovery. Carbohydrate-rich foods provide your body with glycogen, your primary energy source, to give your body the energy it needs to power through a long run. Here are five examples of simple foods you can use to fuel your runs! […]

Nutrition Mistakes Runners Need to Avoid on Race Day

It’s race day and you have the jitters. Your adrenaline is pumping and your nerves are high. You want your body to be in peak condition so you can have a fantastic race and finish with a good time. Sometimes, those jitters can lead runners to make some rash decisions to help them be at […]

Three Superfoods for Runners to Enhance Performance

Superfoods are foods that pack in a few more additional health benefits than the average snack or meal. It’s been suggested that superfoods for runners have a positive effect on performance and recovery. Many sports companies are now including these superfoods into their products to optimize pre-run, on the run, and post-run recovery benefits. Here […]

How to Fuel Yourself Right During Long Runs

Long runs are defined as running for 90 minutes or more. Depending on the person, not everyone needs fueling during a run that lasts less than 90 minutes. Some people do need fueling during shorter runs, and that’s OK, too. This article focuses on the needs of runners running for 90 minutes or more. Hydration […]

Your Guide to Energy Bars for Running

Energy bars for running

Energy bars or fitness bars — this category of nutrition is one with a lot of variety and options! You can choose bars with natural sugars, bars with protein, or bars loaded with nuts and other goodies. They can be sweet, savory, or nearly everything in between. I think the common factor among all of the […]

Your Guide to Energy Chews for Running

Energy chews for running — usually they look like square gummy bears, and sometimes they’re actually juiced-up jelly beans! Whatever shape or size they come in, they have similar nutritional qualities for fueling a runner as energy gels, and they have some great benefits for eating before and during your run. First, there is the difference […]

The Quick Runner’s Guide to Gut Health

You’re running on the road or trail, and all of a sudden you have to go to the bathroom immediately. Your stomach is groaning and your bowels need instant release. Welcome to the unfortunate experience of runner’s trots. Runner’s trots is casually defined as having loose stools or diarrhea while running. Running jostles our insides […]

Electrolytes and You: What Should You Be Drinking on Your Run?


Everyone needs to stay hydrated on the run — and there’s no shortage of products out there to help! Hydration products that add a little more punch to water come in powders, tablets, or as sports drinks like Gatorade. But, they don’t all work the same, and no one product will work the same way […]

The Best Timing of Meals and Snacks for Runners

Timing is everything. When we run, we want to decrease our minute per mile. Every extra second counts. Timing of the meals and snacks are equally important. When and what we eat determines how well we will fuel ourselves for the run and optimize our recovery. Whether you’re a morning runner or an evening runner, […]

Your Guide to Energy Gels for Running

Energy Gels

You’re out on a run and your friend asks you if you have a Gu, and you’re like whaaaat? We’ve all been there, it’s OK! Gu is a brand of energy gel, and like Kleenex, it’s a brand name often used interchangeably with the product category. Energy gels are pure, sweet, sticky energy, and they […]