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Vegetarian Protein Options for Post-Run Recovery

You’ve just completed your run and it’s time for a post-run recovery meal or snack. Protein is important to consume after a run because it helps repair and rebuild the muscles that have suffered microtears during the workout. Including protein sources that have branch chain amino acids is a double bonus. Branch chain amino acids […]

7 Healthy Post-Run Recovery Meals

Carbohydrates and protein are essential to post-run recovery meals. Carbs provide energy, replenish lost glycogen stores (our primary source of energy during a run), and control hunger levels. Protein helps repair and rebuild muscles and assists with the uptake of carbohydrates to metabolize faster. Making sure you have a good protein and carbohydrate meal post-run […]

Nutrition and the Injured Athlete: How to Optimize Recovery Through Food

Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from injuries. Specific nutrients can speed up the healing process when we have breaks, fractures, sprains, or tears. Here are some examples of nutrients that can optimize your recovery from a running injury! Calcium Calcium is an important mineral for bone health. Foods containing calcium are dairy products, […]

The Essential Guide to a Runner’s Daily Diet

The food and drink we consume on a daily basis affects performance, health, energy levels, and recovery. Properly fueling before a run is essential in order to enhance one’s activity, but what one eats or drinks after a workout is just as important to optimize recovery. In addition, the daily food routine is absolutely fundamental […]

Three Superfoods for Runners to Enhance Performance

Superfoods are foods that pack in a few more additional health benefits than the average snack or meal. It’s been suggested that superfoods for runners have a positive effect on performance and recovery. Many sports companies are now including these superfoods into their products to optimize pre-run, on the run, and post-run recovery benefits. Here […]

Your Guide to Energy Bars for Running

Energy bars for running

Energy bars or fitness bars — this category of nutrition is one with a lot of variety and options! You can choose bars with natural sugars, bars with protein, or bars loaded with nuts and other goodies. They can be sweet, savory, or nearly everything in between. I think the common factor among all of the […]

Power of Recovery: How to Maximize Recovery With Your Post Workout Meal

The run is done. Now it’s time to refuel, recover, and rejuvenate so you’re at peak performance the next time you run. Food is the surest way to do that, but what should a post workout meal for runners include? Ideally, your post workout meal should include both carbohydrates and proteins and be eaten within […]

The Best Timing of Meals and Snacks for Runners

Timing is everything. When we run, we want to decrease our minute per mile. Every extra second counts. Timing of the meals and snacks are equally important. When and what we eat determines how well we will fuel ourselves for the run and optimize our recovery. Whether you’re a morning runner or an evening runner, […]

Sports Nutrition for Runners: What You Need to Know

There’s only one rule to sports nutrition for runners — there are no hard and fast rules! There are so many nutrition products out there, and none of them are going to be right for everyone’s stomach. Same goes for the tons of diet plans you’ll come across, too! There’s a lot to sort through, […]