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Mizuno Wave Horizon 3: What You Need to Know

Miles of pavement take their toll — if you pound out your fair share of long runs, you know the value of a supportive, well cushioned shoe. That’s even more true for those of us who need stability! The effects of overpronation compound as you increase mileage, as that added stress keeps chipping away at the […]

Mizuno Wave Inspire 15: What You Need to Know

Mizuno makes some of the most reliable running shoes out there, popular with neutral and stability runners alike. For the latter group, we usually hear good feedback about the more structured uppers that Mizuno shoes tend to have. But, even more than that, we hear love for the responsiveness and lighter feeling that comes from […]

The Armoire Assistant: All Knit Up for the Holidays

The knit upper revolution continues with the Mizuno WaveKnit R2! If there’s one running trend that’s stood out to us, it’s seeing brands turn away from mixed materials in the upper and going for a knit aesthetic! Think of it as taking your favorite squishy (yes, we said squishy) pair of knit socks and strapping […]

Mizuno Wave Rider 22: What You Need to Know

Mizuno’s staple shoe for neutral runners just got an update! The Mizuno Wave Rider 22 is the company’s latest version of their decades-running moderate cushion neutral shoe, one that exists alongside other popular long-distance trainers like the Nike Pegasus, Brooks Ghost, and Asics Nimbus. Mizuno has carved out a niche for itself by making running […]

The Armoire Assistant: Catch This Wave

No ocean (or summer heat) needed with the Mizuno Wave Rider 22! There is little more to be stoked about in the shoe game than the release of an old favorite that just keeps on getting better with age (and mileage!). Enter the Mizuno Wave Rider 22, with its insanely reactive dual-cushioned landing and heat-free, […]

Fitted with Mizuno: A Chat With Mizuno Rep Jeff Camp

No, we’re not at the ocean — when we get a visit from Mizuno, we catch a whole other kind of wave! Mizuno has over 100 years of history in sports, and while they started in baseball, they’ve got this running thing down pretty well, too. That’s thanks to Mizuno’s Wave plate, a little plastic springboard […]