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Coach Honoré Hoedt on Pacing and Form

We recently got a chance to listen in on world-class running coach Honoré Hoedt speaking to the San Francisco-based Impala Racing Team about the importance of proper pacing and form while training for long-distance races. If you push the pace every chance you get during training, you might be surprised to hear about how valuable […]

If You Want to Run Faster, Consider This

My first few weeks of regular running were drudgery. Every stride was laborious. Every mile felt like a death march. After dragging myself through those painful weeks of death marching, I started to come around. I found my comfortable, conversational pace. Running became vaguely pleasant. I became functionally competent at running. This was a big […]

Dialing in Your Pre-race Ritual

Once you’ve entered taper for your race, there’s little more you can do to physically prepare. But, there is one more thing you can do to that may help you perform better on race day — dialing in your pre-race ritual. Exactly what this ritual looks like depends on you. But, I’d generally describe a […]

The Best Nutrition Tips for Runners from Sports Dietitians

March is National Nutrition Month! In order to celebrate our health and fitness through food, I reached out to fellow experts to share their best nutrition tips for runners. Here are the go-to, necessary tips all runners should be practicing in their weekly routines. Integral Training “Integral training is listening to your body to determine […]

Pacing: Run Slow Slower So You Can Run Your Fast Faster

Proper pacing is difficult. It takes time, and can hurt a lot. But, with how important and powerful pacing can be during your training, it’s something all runners need to consider. Most runners will stick to a single, easy pace when they first start running; something they can maintain for an increasing amount of time. […]

Going the Distance

I will never forget the first time I ran ten miles. I didn’t know anyone who had done this. Yet, somehow, I just had. My ill-formed, awkward, teenage sense of self morphed into something a bit clearer. I could no longer ignore the truth. I was a runner. Every long run since has served to […]

Considering a Running Coach? Here’s Why It’s a Great Idea!

About halfway through my first season of cross country, I noticed a mysterious man who attended all of our meets. He wore glasses and quietly watched our races unfold. I didn’t know who he was until one day he handed me a note. This mysterious man was our coach’s husband, Tom. He was a coach […]

Nutrition Mistakes Runners Need to Avoid on Race Day

It’s race day and you have the jitters. Your adrenaline is pumping and your nerves are high. You want your body to be in peak condition so you can have a fantastic race and finish with a good time. Sometimes, those jitters can lead runners to make some rash decisions to help them be at […]

Your Guide to Energy Chews for Running

Energy chews for running — usually they look like square gummy bears, and sometimes they’re actually juiced-up jelly beans! Whatever shape or size they come in, they have similar nutritional qualities for fueling a runner as energy gels, and they have some great benefits for eating before and during your run. First, there is the difference […]