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A Few Strategies to Beat the Heat

I grew up in Kansas. I could always count on summers that were brutally hot and humid. Doing anything during the summer was tough, let alone running. My first few attempts were disastrous. I wilted in the face of the tough conditions and was reduced to walking. But, these initial, painful, abortive attempts provided some […]

Rock Your Recovery!

The act of running is demanding. Every footstrike delivers anywhere from three to seven times your body weight in impact force. Running breaks your body down. The demands of running can dehydrate you, deplete your glycogen stores, create microtears in muscle fiber, and (temporarily) compromise your immune system. While you need to log the miles […]

How Runners Can Prevent Bonking

You’re mid-run and all of a sudden your legs start to weaken, your body tingles, you get dizzy, and you just can’t run anymore. You’ve just bonked. Bonking is when you have depleted your glycogen stores — your primary energy source — and your body shuts down. It usually occurs during high-intensity efforts over continuous exercise with […]

Tips for Runners to Stay Hydrated Throughout Winter

Hydration is an essential part of running. Running causes us to sweat, which changes our blood volume. Maintaining the right blood volume helps our heart adequately pump oxygen to our working muscles, which is important for optimizing our performance. Poor hydration can result in undesirable side effects and slow us down. We often think of […]

How to Perform a Sweat Test to Determine Hydration Needs for Runners

Proper hydration for runners is important, but how much exactly do you need to be taking in? As always, it depends — in this case, on your weight, your physiology, and how intense your workouts are. Fortunately, a relatively easy sweat test can help give you an idea of how much water and electrolytes you’ll need […]

Electrolytes and You: What Should You Be Drinking on Your Run?


Everyone needs to stay hydrated on the run — and there’s no shortage of products out there to help! Hydration products that add a little more punch to water come in powders, tablets, or as sports drinks like Gatorade. But, they don’t all work the same, and no one product will work the same way […]

Coach Greg McMillan Talks Marathon Nutrition and Hydration Strategies

In the midst of long runs, cross-training, recovery massages, and speed work, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of nutrition and hydration when preparing for a marathon. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to realize its importance once you’ve gone past the starting line on race day — take in something […]

Sports Nutrition for Runners: What You Need to Know

There’s only one rule to sports nutrition for runners — there are no hard and fast rules! There are so many nutrition products out there, and none of them are going to be right for everyone’s stomach. Same goes for the tons of diet plans you’ll come across, too! There’s a lot to sort through, […]