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Your Guide to Energy Bars for Running

Energy bars for running

Energy bars or fitness bars — this category of nutrition is one with a lot of variety and options! You can choose bars with natural sugars, bars with protein, or bars loaded with nuts and other goodies. They can be sweet, savory, or nearly everything in between. I think the common factor among all of the […]

How to Fuel Up for an Evening Run: It Can Be Done!

It is so common for me to be on my way home from work and get to thinking, ‘ugh, I’m just too tired and hungry to have a good run right now.’ It just isn’t true! Instead of convincing yourself that a run isn’t going to happen that night, prepare yourself for success by stocking […]

Sports Nutrition for Runners: What You Need to Know

There’s only one rule to sports nutrition for runners — there are no hard and fast rules! There are so many nutrition products out there, and none of them are going to be right for everyone’s stomach. Same goes for the tons of diet plans you’ll come across, too! There’s a lot to sort through, […]