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Loosen up Those Tight Hips with the Lizard Pose

Hips tight after a long day in the office and/or traffic? Loosen them up before your evening run with the lizard pose, a great movement to work on hip mobility and activate your glutes! Coach Phil guides you through this variation on the runner’s stretch. Philip Levi is an elite level health coach based in […]

Improve Mobility with the High Knee to Sumo Squat

Turn the high knee stretch into something a little more dynamic by adding a sumo squat! Coach Phil shows you how to add in some work for the glutes and ankles, improving your mobility on the run. Philip Levi is an elite level health coach based in Burlingame, CA. You can follow him on Instagram […]

Tighten up the Core and Oblique using the High Side Plank with Reach

Every runner needs to work on their stabilizers to stay healthy during training. If your plank form is on point, kick the difficulty up a notch with the high side plank with reach – Coach Philip Levi demonstrates proper form! Philip Levi is an elite level health coach based in Burlingame, CA. You can follow […]

Become a More Explosive Runner Using the Jumping Split Lunge

Got the lunge down? It’s a great stretch, but you can make it more dynamic to work on improving the body control needed for sound acceleration and deceleration. Coach Philip Levi demonstrates the jumping split lunge — like always, make sure your form is on point before tackling these too aggressively! Philip Levi is an elite […]

Try the High Knee with Freeze to Improve Your Form and Work the Glutes

The glutes need to work to drive you forward when running any distance. Try a few reps of the high knee with freeze – do them consistently, and you might notice a huge improvement in your running form, power, and speed. Coach Philip Levi runs you though them! Philip Levi is an elite level health […]

Loosen Up Your Tight Hips Using the Sprawl

We’re big fans of dynamic stretching — in addition to strengthening your muscles, you’re better preparing them for a workout when you get the blood flowing. That’s all the more important when we’re talking about the hips, a chronically tight area for a lot of runners who need to sit for long stretches of time at […]

Tighten Up Your Form With the Hand Release Push-up

When done with proper form, push-ups are one of the best full-body workouts out there — key word there is proper! The hand release push-up is a pretty good way to force yourself to do push-ups correctly, giving the shoulders, glutes, and core the workout they should be getting. We all know running needs full-body […]

Become a More Explosive Runner with Rocket Jumps

Building strength using a movement that mirrors proper running form? You know that’s got to be part of your routine. Rocket jumps not only build strength and explosiveness, they help build proper form into your muscle memory by getting you to drive your knees up. Coach Philip runs through the basics — give them a […]

What’s Causing My Tight Hips?

Common is not always healthy. It is common for hips to be tight, but here, common isn’t a good thing. Tight hips are something runners deal with frequently — my guess is you are one of them! My other guess is that you stretch them constantly and they are not loosening up. How do I know […]

Build Leg Strength (and Patience!) With Leg Cycles

Building leg strength — it’s not easy! This week, Coach Philip introduces a tough but very rewarding movement in leg cycles. Leg cycles are great for building leg strength, but they require a little patience and a lot of balance to get right. Give them a try, and remember, practice makes perfect! Philip Levi is an […]