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The Armoire Assistant: Pep in Your Step Pre-Summer

The Brooks Ravenna 10 is the training shoe you can’t afford to be without! The people spoke and Brooks listened! The newest version of the Ravenna is sleeker and faster looking, all while adding their new adaptive GuideRails stability system. The updated midsole has additional foam under the forefoot, making you feel light and cushioned […]

The Armoire Assistant: Run Your City On Clouds

On is swiftly changing the footwear game (again)! Painting the town red takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of On’s newest urban threat: the On Cloudswift. If you’re looking for an On shoe to keep you light on your feet in the urban jungle, we’ve got your feet covered. Thanks to On’s […]

The Armoire Assistant: Keeping Your Long Run Stride Strong

The Brooks Ravenna 10 is the newest ride fighting fatigue! While the majority of the population is busy fighting colds this season (pleh!), there’s another battle to be won out there on the trails and beyond: the fight against getting injured during your longer runs. Athletic shoe brands are up to the task, introducing new, […]

Brooks Glycerin 17: What You Need to Know

We hear it every year — pleas from runners that their favorite shoe goes unchanged. Usually, yearly changes to shoes end up for the better, even if they take a little getting used to. Other times, those runners’ fears are well-founded! Well, it’s a moot point with the Brooks Glycerin 17. Brooks must have figured they […]

The Armoire Assistant: Be Swift, Stay Stylish

On’s urban movement is taking the city streets by storm! That bright lights big city life isn’t just about living it up at night! It’s about getting out there in that concrete jungle all day everyday, rain or shine, to get in a workout and to get out on the town. An innovator in fashion […]

Brooks Ravenna 10: What You Need to Know

As we saw with the Brooks Adrenaline 19, Brooks is completely shaking up the way they approach stability in running shoes. They’re ditching the old density posting for GuideRails, a dynamic stability system meant to guide your ankles and knees into alignment while running, as opposed to trying to correct for a certain amount of […]

The Armoire Assistant: Brooks Has Got a Brand New Bag

The legendary Brooks Adrenaline just got a total makeover! We’ve been hearing talk about Brooks changing the stability shoe game for months now — talk about the miracle, the myth, the legend of a stability shoe being totally re-imagined — and now it’s here! The Brooks Adrenaline 19 has LANDED, and it’s better than ever! When your […]

Brooks Adrenaline 19: What You Need to Know

For decades, stability running shoes have been largely associated with stability posts. A stability post is an extra-dense piece of material used in the inside (or medial) part of the shoe, usually in the part of the midsole right under the arch of the foot. Stability shoes have varying sizes and densities of these posts — […]

Brooks Ricochet: What You Need to Know

Brooks is one of the biggest names in run specialty, but the success of their core trainers hasn’t stopped them from trying out new ideas. In the past couple years, we’ve seen Brooks experiment with new approaches to stability and energy return, which comes from new materials designed to lose less of the energy transmitted to […]

Brooks Bedlam: What You Need to Know

Brooks is in the mood to experiment! Last year, they introduced a springy, responsive foam called DNA Amp, which they first used in the Brooks Levitate. The Levitate was a fun, fast shoe that ended up being a popular choice as a long-distance racing shoe and trainer alike. Unfortunately, it was also out of the reach […]