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A Few Strategies to Beat the Heat

I grew up in Kansas. I could always count on summers that were brutally hot and humid. Doing anything during the summer was tough, let alone running. My first few attempts were disastrous. I wilted in the face of the tough conditions and was reduced to walking. But, these initial, painful, abortive attempts provided some […]

Rock Your Recovery!

The act of running is demanding. Every footstrike delivers anywhere from three to seven times your body weight in impact force. Running breaks your body down. The demands of running can dehydrate you, deplete your glycogen stores, create microtears in muscle fiber, and (temporarily) compromise your immune system. While you need to log the miles […]

Your Best Bets for Summer Races in California

We’re partnering with our friends at Running Lushes to bring you race recaps from across the United States – be sure to check out more from the Lushes on their website! Summer. The time for BBQs, green grass, warm weather and race-cations! We are counting down our top picks in each category for great summer […]

How to Crush Your Track Workout

Every runner I meet wants to get faster. There are numerous ways to address your need for speed. But, spending some quality time at the track is one of the best ways to find that extra gear or two. But, the track is daunting. The ominous oval promises discomfort, hard work, sweat, and fatigue. It’s […]

Coach Honoré Hoedt on Pacing and Form

We recently got a chance to listen in on world-class running coach Honoré Hoedt speaking to the San Francisco-based Impala Racing Team about the importance of proper pacing and form while training for long-distance races. If you push the pace every chance you get during training, you might be surprised to hear about how valuable […]

What’s It Like to Produce a Race? It’s a Marathon!

Years ago, I watched an inspiring documentary called Run For Your Life. While the film involves running, it’s largely about an eccentric character named Fred Lebow. Through hustle, creativity, and chutzpah, Fred managed to create a little event called The New York City Marathon. Fred’s story lit a fire under me. I loved the idea […]

A Few Running Setbacks and How to Deal With Them

While virtually every runner I work with has a unique story, there’s a common theme that comes up no matter who I am helping. Every runner wants to avoid injury while running at a high level. I always struggle with how to address this idea when it comes up. I gently try to convey the […]

How to Have Your Best Run Ever

If you’ve been a runner for any amount of time, you’ve likely experienced a run or two that was less than stellar. Similarly, you’ve probably had a few runs that were transcendent, amazing experiences. It’s not always easy to hone in on why one run set your world on fire and another one burnt you […]

The Importance of the Warm-up and the Cool-down

Unless we’re in the ranks of the elite runners, we have to weave our running into our daily lives and schedules — not always an easy task. We have these small windows where we can fit in a few miles here or there without any wiggle room, often leaving things like the warm-up and cool-down by […]