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The Importance of the Warm-up and the Cool-down

Unless we’re in the ranks of the elite runners, we have to weave our running into our daily lives and schedules — not always an easy task. We have these small windows where we can fit in a few miles here or there without any wiggle room, often leaving things like the warm-up and cool-down by […]

Do I Really Need Trail Running Shoes?

Now that we’re getting into spring weather, you’re looking into running trails! We’ve talked a little about trail running shoes on Fitted, but if you’re just starting out, do you really need them? Can you just get by with your road shoes? Do you really need to make another investment in a second (or third, […]

It’s Trail Running Season – Here’s How to Get Started!

To me, as we spring forward to daylight savings time (except for our friends in Arizona and Hawai’i), it signals a time to start trail running again! I have a lot of respect for those who brave the storms in the cold, wet wintertime, but I find myself enjoying trail running quite a bit more […]

What Is My Fitness Tracker Telling Me?

You’re probably reading this because you either a) Just got a fancy fitness tracker or b) Are looking to get a fancy fitness tracker. Either way, what exactly are we looking at? What is all that data being tracked telling us? Let’s dive in, starting with the basics! Time, Distance and Pace When we think […]

What is Your Foot Strike Telling You?

Most days, you’ll throw on some tech tops and shorts, lace up the kicks, and start running. Whether you’re trying to run five miles at half marathon pace or just run off a tough day at the office, you’re usually not worried about all the little details of your form. But, what if we slow […]

Pacing: Run Slow Slower So You Can Run Your Fast Faster

Proper pacing is difficult. It takes time, and can hurt a lot. But, with how important and powerful pacing can be during your training, it’s something all runners need to consider. Most runners will stick to a single, easy pace when they first start running; something they can maintain for an increasing amount of time. […]

The Art of the Long Run

You’ve now mastered the main types of speed workouts and have started incorporating productive rest into your training week. There’s really only one big thing missing before you’re ready to start training for that race you’ve been thinking about. Your last quest, your boss battle, the Bowser’s Castle — the long run. This workout is as […]

Stay Safe During the Winter With These Running at Night Safety Tips!

It’s winter, and there aren’t nearly as many daylight hours as we’d like — all too often, same goes for mileage. But, fret not! There are things you can do to make running at night both safe and fun! Your running window just opened up a little bit wider thanks to these handy running at night […]

Trainers Versus Flats: What’s the Difference?

The more you run and the more you hang around runners, you’ll be hearing the terms “trainers” and “flats” more and more often. You know there’s a distinction, and you have a general idea, but what do they really mean? What’s the difference? Trainers Let’s start with the basics — the foundation, the trainer. It’s just […]