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Want to Become a More Efficient Runner? Tackle Those Hills!

If running hills is a struggle for you, you are not alone! Hills are a struggle for many runners. Both uphill and downhill can cause increased fatigue, increased exertion, and pain. All these issues can be reduced if we run hills differently. Ultimately, if we run the hills properly to minimize these issues, we are […]

What’s Causing My Muscle Cramps?

As the weather is warming up, more issues with cramping in the calves are popping up in my conversations with runners, especially as mileage increases and/or people are spending more time on the trails. Muscle cramps occur for many reasons, but the main three I find when dealing with runners are hydration, electrolytes, and mobility […]

Overstriding Can Contribute to Injuries – Here’s How to Address It

Are you plagued with chronic injuries from running? Never been able to make sense of it? Many of our running injuries are due to our running technique, and that means many of your injuries and issues can be resolved by finding and addressing the faults in your form. Running technique is not something most runners […]

What’s Causing My Back Pain?

The back plays a huge role when it comes to running, but sometimes we make it do more than it should. Back pain while or after running a fairly common occurrence, but it is not considered a normal thing. Translation: it should not occur and is highly avoidable. So why does it happen so often? […]

The Cause of Your Running Injury Isn’t Always What You’d Expect

Have foot and lower leg issues that aren’t clearing up? No matter how much you stretch and strengthen the lower leg or the foot, are things just not getting better? Perhaps you’re not looking at the correct area. When pain or injuries persist through the exercises, modalities, or therapy we are using as treatment, the […]

What’s Causing My Shin Splints?

Shin splints are a common issue with runners, and they’re one of the most frustrating. Once they flare up, the rest of your run can be miserable. Each step can become excruciatingly painful. They make it very difficult for you to pick up your foot, especially your toes. They make just getting home a painful […]

What’s Causing My Tight Hips?

Common is not always healthy. It is common for hips to be tight, but here, common isn’t a good thing. Tight hips are something runners deal with frequently — my guess is you are one of them! My other guess is that you stretch them constantly and they are not loosening up. How do I know […]

Runner’s Knee – What It Is, and What to Do About It

The Runner’s Knee diagnosis is one that includes a number of possible conditions and tends to get used a lot when it comes to knee pain in runners. In a general sense, Runner’s Knee is typically referred to when someone has pain located on the front of the knee. Runner’s Knee is more of a […]

The IT Band and You – What Is The Real Issue?

You have pain down the side of your thigh. Ask a physician, Dr. Google, or your running buddies, and they will tell you that you have IT Band Syndrome or a tight IT Band. Let’s talk about this! What is it exactly? What causes it? What can you do about it? First, a little anatomy […]