The Shoe Consultant and Your Online Gait Analysis

If you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, a gait analysis will help you find the perfect match for your running style. Our Shoe Consultants will watch a video of you running (easily submitted through our cutting-edge web app) to help you find your solemate. Our Shoe Consultants work at top-ranked run specialty stores in the US and have each performed this gait analysis thousands of times to help runners like you improve their comfort, speed, and form.

How Does the Shoe Consultant Work?

STEP 1: Submit a video of you running

STEP 2: Fill out a brief survey for our team

STEP 3: Receive your expert gait analysis and 3 shoe recommendations

What’s Included?

What Does the Shoe Consultant Cost?

There is a $25 down payment to get your gait analysis and shoe recommendations. Don’t forget that your $25 will be applied to your first purchase of professionally recommended kicks! Not buying anything today? Don’t worry, your $25 credit will never expire and can be used on anything sold on our site.

About the Shoe Consultant Team

Real people, real time, working around the clock to guarantee that you are getting Fitted by the very best of the best, whenever and wherever you are!

Who We, the Shoe Consultants, Are:
Listen y’all, all of us fit over 1,000 people every year at the best running stores across this great country — and we have been for years. We are the creme de la creme, the greatest fitters in the world, and no one knows more and cares more about finding YOU your perfect shoe. Get fit by us, and you are getting the best fit out there.

Where are the Shoe Consultants Based?
Not to creep you out, but uh, we’re everywhere. From professionally trained run-specialty floor team members to hardcore athletes traveling the US training, racing, and, of course, getting you Fitted, our team of Shoe Consultants is out and about the glorious US of A giving you the best experience you’ve ever had buying shoes on a digital platform. Everywhere there’s a YOU, there’s a shoe consultant nearby.


I ended up buying a pair of shoes… They were great! They also held up just fine during my half marathon a month later. I definitely felt less foot pain after the race and I’d like to think that the new shoes were to thank for it.

Gabrielle S.

This was totally a white glove experience and I’ll definitely come back for my next pair of shoes.

Kaylene C.

It really helps when you can get the opinions of those who share the same hobby as you while shopping! I look forward to coming back here for all my future racing needs.

Brandon S.

I have never experienced this type of customer service before. I will forever be a customer moving forward.

Leticia M.