10 Easy Snacks for Runners When Traveling

Snacks are essential in order to maintain energy levels, control hunger, and stay fueled. When traveling, snacking is just as important so one doesn’t overeat at meals when dining out by ordering too much food or choosing unhealthy food options because they are starving. In addition, bringing snacks on a trip can be beneficial so that one has food readily available that they know they like and works well with their gut. The challenge when traveling is having snacks that are not perishable and will survive in one’s suitcase.

Here are 10 Easy Snacks for Runners When Traveling.

  • Nuts and dried fruit (make your own trail mix)
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Roasted edamame or dried peas
  • Protein and energy bars
  • Individual packets of nut butter and crackers
  • Granola with seeds and dried fruit
  • Beef jerky and an apple or banana
  • Baby carrots or sugar snap peas and hummus packets
  • Homemade applesauce banana muffins or another type of muffin
  • Date balls (make a date ball by combining 3 dates, 4 walnuts, ½ Tablespoon of honey, salt, and cinnamon to taste. Blend in a food processor. Roll the mixture into balls. They’re great for fueling)

These snacks are fantastic for travels and can be consumed pre- or post-run depending on one’s preferences. Remember to plan and prep so you have your snacks available when you are out and about running around.

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