Mizuno Wave Horizon 3: What You Need to Know

Miles of pavement take their toll — if you pound out your fair share of long runs, you know the value of a supportive, well cushioned shoe. That’s even more true for those of us who need stability! The effects of overpronation compound as you increase mileage, as that added stress keeps chipping away at the health of your joints and muscles. You need a shoe like the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3, a high-cushion stability shoe built to absorb shock and keep you aligned during your long runs, no matter how long those runs might be!

The Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 takes a comprehensive approach to stability and support, and it shows. We’ll start with the cushioning — Mizuno primarily uses U4ic and U4icX foam compounds in their shoes. U4icX is the newer of the two, and is the white layer on the bottom. It’s a bit lighter and softer, giving you a more comfortable landing. Some other Mizuno shoes only have this in the heel for added cushioning at the point where the foot strikes the ground, but the Wave Horizon 3 spares no expense! You’ll find it from heel-to-toe here, so if you prefer a softer, more consistent ride in your running shoes, this is the pair you want. On top of that is a layer of U4ic foam (in purple on the shoe above), which is a bit more durable and spreads shock more evenly.

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Mizuno Wave Horizon 3


In between those two layers of foam, as always, is Mizuno’s trademark Wave Plate. This plastic plate helps to spread shock and spring you forward in all Mizuno shoes, but it also plays a big role in stability here. The Wave Plate is more built-up and structured on the medial side of the shoe under the arch, helping to push those with moderate to high overpronation back into alignment. It’s definitely only a shoe for that crowd, though — the rigidity of the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 Wave Plate will push neutral runners out of alignment, so only check it out if you do overpronate to a noticeable degree. If you’re not sure whether or not you do, that’s why we’re here! Getting an online gait analysis from Fitted will let you know to what degree you overpronate and whether or not a shoe like the Wave Horizon 3 makes sense for you.

Moving on to the upper, the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 has engineered mesh at the toes, but still retains a rigid structure in the midfoot. At the heel counter, Mizuno has used their new AeroHug fit, which cradles the heel more securely to prevent your foot from sliding in the shoe. It gives the shoe a more plush feel back in the heel, too. Mizuno’s shoes have long been known to run a little more narrow and structured, so the new heel counter fit is just another step in that direction.

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Mizuno Wave Horizon 3


It’s worth noting that the men’s and women’s shoes are a bit more different than usual for running shoes — the heel-to-toe drop of the men’s Wave Horizon 3 is 12 mm, while it’s 10 mm for women. It’s a high-drop shoe either way, so it’ll be doing a lot of work for your feet and muscles when moving forward — something you might be looking for if you just want a stable, supportive shoe for long runs. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just live for those 10-mile weekend runs, the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 is a great option for all you runners who need a ton of cushion and stability!

Is the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 right for you? Use the Fitted Running shoe consultant to go through our gait analysis process and find out!

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