The Armoire Assistant: Keeping Your Long Run Stride Strong

The Brooks Ravenna 10 is the newest ride fighting fatigue!

While the majority of the population is busy fighting colds this season (pleh!), there’s another battle to be won out there on the trails and beyond: the fight against getting injured during your longer runs. Athletic shoe brands are up to the task, introducing new, innovative means of keeping your feet happy on the go.

Enter the Ravenna 10, Brooks’ latest take on speed and stability. The new Ravenna uses holistic GuideRails support and lightweight, responsive cushioning to create a fast shoe with stability for those longer runs. Its sleek, minimal upper has a modern woven design that adds to its fast look and feel when you’re clocking in those miles.

Let the Brooks Ravenna 10 guide you through your next marathon training cycle and your Armoire Assistant get you ready from the shoe on up to fight the cold (literally!).

Women's Running Shoes

Brooks Ravenna 10


Going the distance…

New Balance Radiant Heat Vest (Black)
Asics Lite-Show Long-sleeve Top (Mid-Grey)
The North Face Winter Warm HR Tight (Fig)
Handful Adjustable Bra (Black)

We can’t help but feel like we’re channeling our inner Charlotte from Sex and the City in this cozy, fast-looking Radiant Heat Vest from New Balance! Inspired by the infamous metallix blankets you’ve either experienced first-hand or seen in bulk at marathons worldwide, New Balance’s Radiant Heat material lines the vest along the collar, chest, and sleeves to provide optimal heat retention in your more exposed areas. It’s quite literally reflecting the heat escaping your body right back at you — how cool is that?!

Continuing that optimal cold weather coverage, we’ve chosen The North Face’s tried and true Winter Warm Tights. While your shoes are working hard to protect your feet against the pavement, you should always take into account what types of bottoms you choose for your run to help protect your legs against the elements. It’s so important to keep that blood pumping from toe to head, whether it be by leaving your legs exposed in higher temps or keeping them comfortable and covered during the cold. These tights are the perfect match for the extremes with their breathable-brushed interior and anti-odor polyester knit fabric. It’s made with their FlashDry Eco fibers, which wick sweat from the skin and dramatically speed drying time. So, consider these your go-tos for the slopes, too!

Did we mention the smartphone-sized protective mesh zipper pocket? Even more reason to trust this piece when you’re going to be away from home putting in those miles!

We know you’re paying attention to the details, whether it be planning out your exact GPS location mile 1 to mile 20 or packing up that gym bag the night before with all the bare necessities. Your apparel should do the same! Having a solid base layer is clutch on your runs, and we’ve found that 360-degree reflectivity, mesh paneling, and fabric that dries quickly without releasing too much heat are all must-haves year-round. Invest in an Asics Liteshow piece like this one, and you’re definitely covering your basics!

I don’t know about you, but the first thing we crave post-long run (second to a PB & Pickle sandwich — no, just us?) is to get in some comfy-cozy layers! Check out our post-workout Ravenna-inspired look next!

…and feeling fast & fresh too!

Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Hoodie (Birch White)
Vimmia Isle Double V Tee (Taupe)
Glyder High Waisted Pure Legging (Adobe Rose)
Goodr Running Sunglasses (Opossum’s Opposable Thumbs)

We’re keepin’ it organic with this Patagonia Cotton Quilt Hoodie in a soft, birch white color. Its quilted exterior gives it a hit of luxury, while its organic cotton-poly blend keeps you warm and comfy after sweating it out.

I discovered the brand Glyder at a tradeshow in NYC, and after slipping out of the conference with a sample of their Pure Legging, haven’t looked back — this is the most comfortable legging out there right now! Their mission statement alone got me hooked: “to cultivate a community of strong women who live without limits.” The unrestricted, effortless fit of the Pure Legging finished selling me on them! While it quite literally feels like you’re wearing nothing, rest assured that their interlock knitting process makes it bulletproof against sheerness.

To complete this post-studio / post-path look, we’re turning to Vimmia’s awesome isle cotton fabric with their Double V Tee. To break up a light bottom and even lighter tone up top, we chose a heather grey to really highlight the soft palette we’re rocking (without letting it wash us out too much). Exposing the neckline and back a bit after earning your sweat feels great and gives your look a modern, playful twist.

You can knot it up front like we did in these pics, or let it hang lose for an asymmetrical, bottom hem drop for more coverage.

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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