The Armoire Assistant: Be Swift, Stay Stylish

On’s urban movement is taking the city streets by storm!

That bright lights big city life isn’t just about living it up at night! It’s about getting out there in that concrete jungle all day everyday, rain or shine, to get in a workout and to get out on the town. An innovator in fashion and functionality, On has just released their newest high-cushion neutral ride, the Cloudswift, for all our urban dwellers out there!

Using a new foam material that they’ve dubbed Helion, each step in the Cloudswift promises a tough, durable landing with high traction and BIG energy release on takeoff. Its engineered mesh top upper sock lets your feet breathe and its sweet silicone cage surrounding the core of your feet keeps you secure without feeling weighed down.

Inspired by the buildings we run by on the daily, the Armoire Assistant is hooking you up with these sky high outfits for the week!

Be swift…

New Balance Seasonless Long-sleeve (Grey Stripe)
Brooks Canopy Jacket (Black)
Vimmia Resolute Crop (Grey)
Handful Y-Back Bra (Spoon Me)

Who’s that hooded figure running by you downtown midday?! It’s a fellow hard working woman squeezing in a workout (without squeezing her wallet too much) during the lunch hour! She’s gotta look fly when she’s on the fly! And, because It’s the time of year for you need to be wary of weather, regardless of the temperature, we chose the Brooks Canopy Jacket to get us through our next outdoor jam sesh. Look familiar? That’s because Des Linden secured the first place finish in it at Boston 2018! It’s wind and water resistant, breathable for 26+ miles, and best of all, it packs neatly into itself so you can always shed a layer if the weather’s holding up for you.

Having lived in my first brownstone as a young, fast-living twenty-something in NYC, I learned to rock lighter shades when I wanted to be seen against the high-rises! While we sometimes fear the ol’ horizontal stripe action in shirts, we couldn’t help but love the subtle, feminine look of this NB Seasonless Long-sleeve top. Its athletic cut gives you some wiggle room on the move, and its soft, lightweight fabric feels great against your skin! Even if you’re not running in a snowy, sub-30 degree temperature climate, take this top with you as it offers UPF 40 protection from the sun’s rays.

Inspired by the asymmetrical skyline of the city, the Vimmia Resolute Crop is our go-to for all things high performance! Its high-compression waistband is reinforced to help keep it weighted in place during your workout. With hits of diagonal white across your calves, these tights will give your legs some length and will give cars the heads up that you’re a person, not a pole!

…stay stylish!

Glyder Zephyr Top (Creme)
On Sweatpants (Baluga)
Glyder Energy Bra (Creme)
Goodr BFG Running Sunglasses (Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit)

In Spring 2018, On shook the running apparel industry when they released a curated, technical-lux line of pieces to the world. They’re back at it again with some haute new items that are both functional and flattering, and we couldn’t help but want to throw them on right after our run!

On’s just released their sweatpant, and we can’t help but be blown away by their attention to detail here! Its athletic cut gives you room without being too gaudy when you’re working out in them, and their reinforced drawstring gives you some branding hits while allowing you to tie them however you want the pants to sit on your waistline. Its multi-seasonality hype is real, as it’s made with a dry-release fabric blend in the body and a wool-blend panel at the knee to make sure that your joints stay cozy and insulated.

Now, what sort of silhouette do we wear with a modern, tapered pant like these?! While we usually go for the timeless cropped mock-neck top with an oversized bomber jacket, we are taking advantage of our newfound love for Glyder and their yummy Zephyr Top.

Using the softest of fabrications in their gear, this Glyder piece’s accentuated bat wing sleeves, drawstring bottom, hand holes, AND modest swooping neckline make it the perfect layering top for cooler days (or even for our couch-crazy ones). They’re calling it “street worthy and I can never take it off cozy,” and that’s music to our ears!

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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