The Armoire Assistant: Go Higher With the On Cloudventure

We’re making sure your next trail run and wardrobe change aren’t uphill battles!

With winter almost behind us, we’re getting our footing back and taking to the trails! And, what better way to do that than with the newly updated On Cloudventure! After all, it’s not often you get to rock a trail shoe tested in the Alps!

While our guest Armoire Assistant model, Brooke, is new to trail races, she doesn’t shy away from wanting the best of the best underfoot for every run! The latest On Cloudventure design features an improved Missiongrip outsole that features multiple grip patterns suitable for a changing terrain beneath your feet and. The zig-zag channels on those Cloud Elements underfoot are designed to help keep you grounded on those unpredictable slippery surfaces, too! Add in an energetic, responsive ride, and you’ve got the perfect trail shoe for the new season!

To guide Brooke through the hilly part of her next trail run, check out what we hand-selected!

Your next uphill climb…

New Balance Lynx Tight (Eclipse)
Nike Indy Plunge Bra (Ember Glow/Black/White)
Nike Therma Sphere Top (Ember Glow/Black/White)
Vimmia Serenity Racerback Tank (Black)

Similar to the Cloudventure’s ability to stand up to the elements, New Balance’s Lynx Tight was designed with three purposes in mind: to be beautiful, sleek, and brave against colder temperatures. Its midweight fabric holds heat in while wicking moisture away from you. Couple that with its seamless construction in your high chafe areas, and you’ll find yourself protected through and through. Its white mesh sides are home to two larger pockets and, when paired with the media-zipper pocket in the back, Brooke doesn’t have to worry about carrying too much up top on her trail run.

While she’ll be doing a good amount of elevation gain and descending on her trail runs, Brooke tends to go for the low-to-mid-impact bras. This Nike Indy Sport Distort Bra offers thicker straps that won’t bother her on her venture out, along with a plunging neckline with mesh detail that’ll keep her from worrying about too much material across her chest. The Vimmia Serenity Racerback will become your new all-purpose little black tank — its seamless construction improves its fit, whether you’re wearing it on the run or letting it guide you through your next floor exercise.

To round out her trail run look with a light, flexible layer that’ll allow for lots of movement, we chose Nike’s newest Therma Sphere Top. Its Nike-Pro inspired band weighs the hem down a bit so that it doesn’t ride up when you’re pumping your arms during your next workout. Its color blocking will draw attention away from any sweat lines appearing mid-workout, and we’re digging the pops of color to make you visible if you’re needing to stop for directions in between trails!

…shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle.

New Balance Q Speed Heat Top (Black/White)
Nike City Sleek LS Top (Ember Glow)
Vimmia Salutation Core Legging (Black) OR Dauntless Legging (Python)

So, you’ve just endured the elements alongside your favorite trail-going friend when that long-awaited spot at your local nail salon just opened up — and those mud-ridden feet could use some loving! Here’s how we’d recommend looking like you came to get mani-pedi’d up vs. coming right off of the mountain.

Taking on a retro-80s look, New Balance’s Q Speed Heat Top has everything you need to come hot off the trail! Its super soft synthetic performance exterior gives it a more lux appearance while its knit construction keeps you warm if you’re still getting that body temp up after the trails. Keeping up #thatluxlife look is Nike’s new line of “City Sleek” fabrications! It features bonded seams and a looser fit, so it literally has the effect of flowing over your bod’s natural curves perfectly. Adding it as a pop of color to your otherwise neutral look like Brooke did here will inspire you to have that warmer energy even after putting the miles! And hey, it might even inspire that next nail color.

To finish off your post-workout look, we chose a more compressive piece with a little bit of flair in the Vimmia Serenity Legging. The snugger fit will help with keeping your circulation going when you’re on the move, and we dig the attention to detail with the unique, lace-like perforation at the calves.

But, when you’re done sweating it out on the trails, where are you going to put all those trail-run clothes, you ask? Why, in the super-sweet Vooray Ace Backpack. It has a compartment to hold (and pad) your electronics and side mesh pockets for your loose objects, but more importantly, the whole interior is moisture wicking and waterproof, so it’ll keep your clothes dry on the go.

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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