The Armoire Assistant: Defying Gravity, One Mile at a Time

Here’s why On’s original performance shoe is blazing a new trail for elite runners!

Whenever February rolls around, we start paying close attention to what top track and field athletes are saying about the shoes they’re lacing up. But, you don’t have to be elite to hit the road in their favorites — regardless of whether you’re aiming to PR in your local 5K or qualify for a major marathon, whatever keeps you light on your feet and healthy while working on those goals is our top priority!

Combining shock absorption and cushion without foregoing speed and comfort, the On Cloudflow is a force to be reckoned with on and off the track. With those bouncy Cloud Elements and a snappy speedboard in the midsole pushing you forward, the Cloudflow is a light, fast shoe that speedsters and distance runners can all appreciate. Add in a smooth heel-to-toe transition and a breathable engineered woven mesh on the upper, and it’s no wonder these shoes have become a top choice for elite runners.

To celebrate our love for the Cloudflow, we’re also celebrating our love for local athletes in our native Bay Area. This week’s guest Armoire Assistant model is Brooke Bray, a proud runner and active board member in the Impala Racing Team, an elite running team based in San Francisco (and a kick-ass, proud mama to five-year-old Max).

Here’s how your Armoire Assistant styled this local heroine for her training runs!

Breaking PRs on the track…

On Women’s Long-T (Shadow)
Nike Tech Pack Vest (Black)
Vimmia Fleet Legging (Carbon)
Goodr Super Fly Sunglasses (Lance’s Afternoon Uppers)

The Impala Racing Team is known for the (good kind of) intense and regularly scheduled programmed training at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. Located in Golden Gate Park, this stadium was the first home of both the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. While its pro football days are long gone, it’s still witness to greatness thanks to some of the most elite runners in the Bay Area.

For her Tuesday night workouts, Brooke is all about performance pieces that will give her the layers she needs for cooler nights, but will also make her look as fast as she feels. We’ve chosen On’s Long-T up top, a lightweight piece with laser-cut edges that moves with her instead of working against her.

Adding a layer of warmth (and style), Nike’s Tech Pack Vest will allow you to customize coverage with its snap side seams and fitted hoodie. Its cut appears cropped on the hanger, but it’s actually been designed specifically for movement so that it hits just right for most mid-rise leggings.

Having styled Brooke in the past, I happen to know that she is all about minimizing the booty when it comes to leggings! Nothing too flashy to draw too much attention to the area, but something with styling that’ll give her leg a lengthier look! Here, she’s rocking the Vimmia Fleet Legging, a mid-compression pant with dual-color blocked stripes running diagonally across the calf. This hit of color and linear design helps draw the eye downward, and it breaks up the otherwise dark grey color to give the illusion that her legs are longer than her denim inseam would reflect. She’s loving that pop of orange at the bottom to show off her strides on the track!

After an all-star track workout, it’s back to being an all-star parent for Brooke. Here’s how we outfitted her for leaving Kezar and heading home (on her preferred mode of transportation — her red scooter!) to her family team!

…and stopping cars in their tracks!

Vimmia Haven Crop Pant (Carbon)
Janji Women’s Strata Tech Long-sleeve (Sol Morado)
Vimmia Women’s Warmth Hoodie Cardi (Black)

Brooke’s work doesn’t end after a day on her feet at work nor after a workout! She needed a comfy, easy look to turn to after sweating it out, letting her look the part of both stylish athlete and stylish mom!

Swapping out a color-blocked, pieced, high-compression Vimmia pant for one with mid-compression, a mid-rise waistband and subtle leather-esque lines on it to elongate the leg, Brooke’s ready to zip off to her next errand! Its sleek, dark look led us to want something a touch more colorful but not too loud up top, so we got her into Janji’s Strata Tech Long-sleeve top. The cooler color looks amazing with Brooke’s fair complexion, and the fabric itself is going to give her similar moisture-wicking qualities to the On Long-T she wore during her workout! The subtle stripe makes it a super cute, warmer option to wear casually when she’s out and about attending board meetings and picking up Max from preschool!

As the final layer in this cozy masterpiece, Brooke is all about that fleece with this Vimmia Warmth Hooded Cardi. It honestly has the feel of a good ol’ fashioned onesie with the luxe look you see out on the town thanks to high fashion bloggers! Its single snap button will keep it in place when she’s scooting off from her run, and if she’s facing any morning drizzle, the exaggerated hood will work wonders.

Tune in next week to see how Brooke takes to the trails with speed and style. See you then!

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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