Add More Power to Your Run With the Couch Stretch

As we’ve mentioned before with the kneeling hip flexor stretch, becoming a more powerful runner involves stretching out your hip flexors, especially if your job has you sitting for long periods of time. Short hip flexors can restrict your range of motion, holding back the efficiency of your stride — the kneeling hip flexor stretch helps, but if you feel confident doing that one, it might be time to increase the intensity! This week, Coach Philip walks you through the couch stretch, and believe us, there’s no lounging involved. This is a deeper stretch that requires a little more balance and body control, but if you can master it, it’s a great way to increase hip mobility and put more power into each stride!

Philip Levi is an elite level health coach based in Burlingame, CA. You can follow him on Instagram @philip__levi and see more of his videos on his YouTube channel!

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