The Armoire Assistant: With Liberty and Just Kicks for All

The Saucony Liberty ISO was voted Best Debut Shoe of 2018 — for performance and style!

We might be months away from the 4th of July, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make every day your own independence day with the Saucony Liberty ISO!

With Liberty…

Nike Element Running Hoodie (Smokey Mauve)
On Comfort Tee (Sky Blue)
Vimmia Perspective Core Legging (Mist Multi)
Goodr Runway Running Sunglasses (Iced By Zombie Dragons)
Vooray Ave Backpack in (Black Rose)

Named the Best Debut Shoe of spring 2018 by Runner’s World, it’s no surprise that the Liberty has jumped to the front of our serious runners’ closets as they train for their next big races (or grueling workouts). Its comfy full-length Everun midsole paired with a little extra lovin’ in the stability department shows that Saucony isn’t cutting corners on providing you the best in cushion, comfort, and style for your winter training schedule!

Now that you have your dream shoes, it’s time to check out what’s keeping you looking cool without being ice cold this winter. With a fabric that’s dyed to make each pair unique (like your fave denim), these Vimmia Perspective Leggings don’t disappoint. The tie-dye print pops with lots of colors, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding a matching top. We chose the On Comfort Tee in Sky Blue as a base layer and this insanely soft (and stretchy) Nike Element Running Hoodie in Smokey Mauve.

Don’t hesitate to wear this hoodie as your base layer, ladies! Its balaclava-style hoodie covers your face to protect you from the elements on those freezing early AM workouts. The exterior layer is knit to contour to your torso while still giving you a bit of extra length and more room at the hips so you don’t have to worry about pulling it down while you’re pumping those arms for miles at a time!

…and when you’re “just kicking” it.

Nux Legging (Admiral)
On Comfort Tee (Grey)
Patagonia Snap T Pullover (Rose Burgundy)
Vooray Aria Tote (Black)

If you’ve ever ventured to the Bay Area during the cooler months of the year, you’ve probably noticed that a Patagonia Snap T Pullover is basically part of the techie uniform — both for commuting to work and getting down on the weekends! This quilted version has a brushed interior for added warmth and a sweet new color combination of rose and burgundy. We’re digging this new twist on a classic Pata piece, organically sourced fabric and all!

Never tried seamless leggings? Welp, we have THE BEST brand for you to check out: Nux. We’re going crazy over the fact that these Nux Mineral Leggings look like skinny jeans but feel like butter. Seriously. Some of our most beloved guests at our A Runner’s Mind stores as “The Butter Pants.” Their seamless construction means that they almost mold perfectly to your body’s natural curves, using a uniquely flattering tonal jacquard, built-in gusset, and mid-rise compression fit. Consider them your new number one for your gym classes, your next date, or when you’re barely able to move off your couch on a lazy Sunday.

We aren’t letting you walk away from this post without reading about our favorite accessory right now: the Vooray Aria Tote. This bag holds everything you need throughout your day without giving away that you’re going to need to bring EVERYTHING with you once you leave the house. Its interior includes a hidden phone pocket, a padded laptop pocket, and a moisture-wicking lining so you can bring a change of clothes with you and store your sweaty ones. And, we’re huge fans of the exterior yoga mat slot on the side — for our runners out there investing in some recovery devices this season, you can use it as a foam roller sleeve, too!

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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