The Armoire Assistant: The Eco-conscious Runner

Here’s how Asics is paving the way for you to hit the pavement — without hurting the environment and, well, yourself!

Technology is booming, and I’m not just talking about the phones and drones we ooh and ahh about on the daily. I’m talking about the technology beneath your feet, the hard work and science that goes into supporting your body (and mind) both on and off the pavement. Asics is one of the names in the game, and they’ve released an exclusive version of the DynaFlyte 3 for those looking to save minutes on their race time AND help save the planet!

A couple weeks ago, we talked about what makes this version of the DynaFlyte 3 so special by checking out the women’s pair. This week, we’re vibing hard on the hunter green and cream palette for the men! Check out some hot ideas on how to incorporate those fall pantones into your workout wear, fellas!

Runnin’ in neutral…

Asics Men’s Lite-show Long-sleeved Shirt (Black)
Janji Men’s Odyssey Tight (Black)
Ciele Go Cap (Zoom Stadium)

Like Asics, Janji is all about creating eco-aware apparel inspired by developing countries with clean water initiatives. Two dudes in their twenties were inspired by the places they visited, the artists that inspired them and the landscapes they ran through, and BOOM, Janji was born.

Combining fashion and function, these Odyssey Tights use a soft and breathable fabric that’s brushed on the interior for added warmth. When you’re hitting the streets before sun up or post sundown, look for a highly reflective performance piece like the Asics Lite-show Long-sleeved shirt, with reflective strips that’ll let any approaching vehicle know that you’re a body in motion (versus a tree or a flagpole, yikes).

Not always rightside up during your favorite workout? Not to worry as these Odyssey Tights are sewn together strategically to conform to the male body’s natural shape. The mesh zipper pocket in the back will hold your belongings in place while the unique waistband (designed by a local artist in Bolivia) won’t fuss or cause any unwanted chafing when you’re on the move.

We all know that comfort is clutch for guys both during and after their workout, so if you don’t want to necessarily LOOK like you just pummeled pavement for the last hour or two, here’s a sweet cool-weather look that’ll keep you dry, comfortable and protected from the elements.

Hangin’ in nature…

On Men’s Comfort Tee (Forest)
Janji Men’s Transition Jacket (Pacha Green)
Janji Men’s 7″ Chiller Short (Charcoal)
Ciele Go Cap (Zoom Stadium)
Goodr Running Sunglasses (A Ginger’s Soul)

The On Men’s Comfort Tee is going to be your new go-to for almost every part of your day. It wicks moisture from your skin and keeps you warm afterwards, so consider it for your next workout OR as a base layer for your next outing with friends! When you aren’t too sure what the weather has in store for you or where your day will take you, this Janji Transition Jacket is just the ticket to get you there in style.

I had the pleasure of running a holiday pop-up in San Francisco this time last year, and the #1 style for dudes in the area was this Janji Chiller Short. It’s all business on the inside and leisure on the outside — with low-compression built-in shorts as its base and an insanely cozy knit fabric as its exterior. You won’t be able to live without this, both in your next fitness class or your next brunch!

‘Tis the season to accessorize and, if you need some UV protection both on the run and on the go, Goodr’s got your back. They are no-bounce, no-slip sunglasses designed for runners who want something edgy and affordable. Be forewarned that they ARE addicting — you’re going to want a pair in every color! — so add these to your Christmas wishlist this year before they sell out! Meanwhile, Ciele Athletics has been a boss at designing running hats for years, and we’re in love with the styles they came out with this season, including this Zoom Stadium Go Cap!

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