The Armoire Assistant: An Eco-friendly Twist on a Fast Favorite

An eco-friendly version of an already great shoe? Sounds good to us!

In between all those runs on the roads and trails, there’s a time and a place to think about where our footwear and apparel comes from and to ask how we’re protecting our feet while being eco-conscious. Consider this — like nature, the Asics DynaFlyte 3 Sound has the power to please, to comfort, to calm and to nurture our souls and soles.

The latest version of Asics’ neutral racer is faster, lighter, and now more environmentally friendly than ever! The FlyteFoam Lyte midsole in the DynaFlyte 3 Sound is partially made of waste products from sugarcane and organic fibers from wood pulp, keeping things light and responsive while using more sustainable materials. The lightweight Adapt Mesh used on the upper is constructed with 50% PET recycled yarns. Asics has even used a water-based glue to pull this mother nature-loving shoe together for you!

While we’re thinking about how to get outdoors while being mindful, here are some new fall weather pieces with all the feels for planet Earth.

Runnin’ in neutral…

Vimmia Storm Charge Legging (Mink)
Janji Womens Sports Bra (Isla Del Sol)
Nike Womens Dry Running Top (Black)
Goodr Runway Collection Running Sunglasses (Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s)

As the weather cools down a bit, you might be seeking a tight that goes above and beyond to provide style and warmth without having to spend the extra cash to layer up from the waist down. Splurge a bit on a crazy unique jacquard fabric legging like the Vimmia Storm Charge Legging. Did ‘jacquard’ send your head into a tailspin? It’s just a fancy word for a textured pant where the yarns create the design versus using print and any sort of embellishment screened onto it. No sheer found here when you’re in the middle of that King Pigeon Pose!

Hangin’ in nature…

Vimmia Storm Charge Legging (Mink)
Janji Women’s Muscle Tank (Moss Grey)
Vimmia Women’s Verge Split Hoodie
Goodr Runway Collection Running Sunglasses (Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s)

In the spirit of being all about the environment, what better brand to rock than Janji? 10 percent of their apparel sales go to support clean water initiatives in the countries that inspire their collections. Whether it’s during or after your workout, this Janji Muscle Tee pays attention to details with its delicately striped texture, high neckline, and swooping mesh back.

Complete this look with a moisture-wicking, cozy piece like the Vimmia Verge Split Hoodie! Despite its more minimal coverage, you’re getting a light, cushioned terry blend that’ll pull sweat off of you without foregoing a post-workout stylish look. Heck, we’ve even paired this with a knit casual dress to add a little flair to the look!

Stay tuned next week when our Armoire Assistant gets a partner in committing fashion crimes all over the neighborhood with Fitted Derek. Quick, someone call the fashion police!

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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