Coach Greg McMillan Talks Marathon Nutrition and Hydration Strategies

In the midst of long runs, cross-training, recovery massages, and speed work, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of nutrition and hydration when preparing for a marathon. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to realize its importance once you’ve gone past the starting line on race day — take in something that doesn’t agree with you, and it can spoil all the hard work that went into preparing for a race.

So, what role does nutrition and hydration play in race prep and on race day, and how should we go about planning for success? Fitted Running was fortunate enough to hear a little on that subject from one of the most knowledgeable people in running. Coach Greg McMillan is a student and master of running, and has coached Olympians, Boston qualifiers, and everyday runners looking to get fit, so he knows as well as anyone that what works for one runner won’t necessarily work for another. In this video, Coach McMillan joins UCAN and the San Francisco-based Impala Racing Team to talk not so much about what to do, but how to think about making a hydration and nutrition plan that works for you. By considering the unique needs and quirks of every body, he lays down some general strategies that runners can use to test out different products and diet plans to make sure that an upset stomach or a lack of fuel doesn’t derail them on race day. Turns out, there just might be some ways to trick the brain into being a little more willing to put up with all that running!

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