The Armoire Assistant: On Cloud 9, Always

Here’s why the On Cloud should be your favorite fashion accessory!

Being on the go is a constant in this day and age. When we’re packing up in the wee hours of the AM to tackle our day, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our shoes will be able to get us where we need to be. Enter the On Cloud, a neutral shoe fully equipped to support your body in motion, no matter what your day brings.

This year, On has made some sweet upgrades to those cool little pods on the bottom. Improved grip pads and central channels keep your foot on the straight and narrow during your stride. A clutch casual shoe to get you to, through and from your workout, the On Cloud doesn’t shortchange you on style, either.

What we also love are the Cloud’s bungee laces, which allow you to slip these bad boys on and off as you move throughout your busy day. Now, if only getting in and out of outfits could be JUST as seamless.


Women's Running Shoes

On Cloud


On the run…

Vimmia Smoke Core Legging (Black)
On Comfort Tee (White)
Patagonia All Weather ¼ Zip (Geo Purple)
Goodr Sunglasses (Gardening with a Kraken)

Patagonia has totally taken over the trail running world, and as usual, they’ve nailed it with this insanely breathable All Weather Quarter Zip. Not hitting the trails? This lightweight base layer (or outer layer for cool but not cold days) has its own urban flair with its feather-like print and reflective hits. We’re going bold and doubling up on patterns, which is A-OK in the fashion world as long as they are different sized prints and in separate pantones. We love the pink and black theme with some Goodr flair for sunnier days and the hidden hand-mittens for cooler mornings.

While the weight on this all-weather zip is nothing but heavy, its more athletic cut allows you to layer it over a solid base layer. Our go-to lately has been the On Comfort Tee. With its hidden side zipper pocket and soft hand, it’s the perfect piece to transition from sweating it out to strutting down the streets.

Not into bright prints from the waist down? Vimmia’s got you covered with their insanely soft Smoke Core Legging. They’ll hold up to any stretch-heavy workout with their mid-compression waistband and seamless fit. You might have found your new favorite legging for winter!

On break…

Vimmia Smoke Core Legging (Black)
Vimmia Storm Perimeter Bralette (Mink)
Vimmia Isle LS Wedge Top
Goodr Sunglasses (Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s)
Janji Nepal Beanie

Switching gears to meet a friend for a bite or to grab your kids from school? Look to Vimmia and their on-the-go layers that can be worn over your workout gear or on their own. This Isle LS Wedge Top gives you some additional coverage with its unique, asymmetrical cut and raglan sleeves. When you aren’t pairing it with your fave workout leggings, try it French tucked into a high-waisted pair of designer denim. No need to change shoes!

Thanks to some awesome femme fatale athletes out there in the running world, Goodr has released a throwback cat eye series of sunglasses! They’re just as functional as before, so they won’t bounce or fog up on your runs and will protect those pretty eyes from UV rays. They’re the perfect accessory to girl up your on-the-go look!

Want to know what our bus stop date is rocking this fall? Come see what the Armoire Assistant is cooking up next week for men’s!

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