The Armoire Assistant: Cause a Scene

Let’s find out why the new Brooks Bedlam is creating such an uproar!

With a tagline like ‘Outrun Yourself’, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the latest addition to Brooks’ DNA Amp collection? Combining their new Guide Rails dynamic stability system with an insanely responsive DNA Amp midsole, it’s the pavement’s turn to push back and make you run longer, faster!

But, the athleisure-maven in me can’t help but dig the snug, sock-like Fit Knit upper, which can easily inspire a couple of fast (but comfortable) looks for when you’re kicking up dust or shopping up a storm.

We took a whole new approach to being pretty in pink during and after your workout!

Women's Running Shoes

Brooks Bedlam


Absolute bedlam in action…

Nike Women’s Breath Miler SS (Rust Pink/Heather)
Nike Women’s Nike Running Division Running Jacket (Diffused Taupe)
Nike Women’s Flex Bliss 2-in-1 Short (Black)

The light, romantic hues on the upper of these Bedlams call for a subtle look up top with some feminine flair everywhere! Looking for something new and innovative in your collection of split shorts? Nike’s Running Division line has been bounding forward, introducing some high-fashion and highly functional apparel. We’re vibing with the Nike Flex Bliss 2-in-1 short, with its high-hem sides and non-compression waffled shorts built in, paired with a shorter cut top to accentuate the girly-styling of the shorts (the Nike Women’s Breath Miler is an awesome choice). To help fight the freeze of early AM runs, a stylized light layer like this Nike Running Division Running Jacket will fit nicely over any lose or tight fitting base layer. Check out the optional vent at the side and the insanely soft fabric under the arm that gives you extra coverage in those high-sweat regions.

..and making a scene on the sidewalk!

Nike Women’s Breathe Miler SS (Rust Pink/Heather)
Vimmia Women’s Aerie Open Back Tee (Heather Oatmeal)
Nike Women’s Epic Lux Athena Tights (Burgundy Crush)
Mudroom 18-L Quartable Backpack

One of our favorite parts of putting in that extra mile of WALKING after a workout? Window shopping, of course! And just in case you want to pop in to run some errands after your run, you probably want to be looking fly with your new Brooks Bedlam. We recommend getting some coverage with a flowy, moisture-wicking piece like the Vimmia Aerie Open Back Tee! With its unique criss-cross back and perforated fabrication, it’ll let the air in without throwing your personal style out the door.

To get some more coverage for fall, we can’t get enough of Nike’s new Epic Lux Athena Tight. Its Dri-Fit waistband (drawstring included) won’t bust a move whether you’re mid-HIIT class or mid-changing clothes in a fitting room. Their new woven-hand fabrication feels like your fave pair of luxurious winter tights, but is paired with a stylish perforated design to give your legs the ventilation they need in the cooler months. The woven design is heavier up top, so you won’t have to worry about layering too much!

Fashionable & Fast,

Your Armoire Assistant

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