Fitted with Mizuno: A Chat With Mizuno Rep Jeff Camp

No, we’re not at the ocean — when we get a visit from Mizuno, we catch a whole other kind of wave! Mizuno has over 100 years of history in sports, and while they started in baseball, they’ve got this running thing down pretty well, too. That’s thanks to Mizuno’s Wave plate, a little plastic springboard found in Mizuno’s running shoes. Not only does the Wave plate help absorb impact, it gives Mizuno running shoes that little extra bounciness that keeps so many runners coming back!

Monte sat down with Mizuno rep Jeff Camp to talk a little more about what makes Mizuno special — both the technology and the people who create it. There’s a lot of passion behind the scenes, and there’s a lot of passion among the runners who swear by their shoes! Want to become one of them? Check out the video, then get Fitted with Mizuno!

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